What are Guests Saying?

Guest Reviews:

Susan is a really good teacher and really nice. She explains everything really well.

Susan was so very patient and was able to show us step-by-step how to make our masterpiece.

Susan moved at a good pace. She encouraged people to show their paintings. She interacted well with the people painting. She was very positive.

Susan is very patient. She gives time for people to complete each step before moving on. She encourages people to show their work. My son is autistic and loves painting with Susan. He frequently wants to show her his painting. She is very encouraging when I show the picture.

I have done several sessions with Susan. Each time I learn something new. She has great rapport with the other painters. I really liked when she gave the history behind a painting. She interacts with all the painters. She waits until everyone is finished with each step before moving to the next one.

Susan introduces new techniques and the people can choose what technique they want to use. She encourages making the paintings our own. I love seeing the original and then going rogue with it. It is fun painting with her.

Super fun and wonderful teacher!